Startup Lab Program

Starting a New Lab? Congratulations!

Make the most of your laboratory dollars with the EAD Scientific Start-Up Lab program. Spend just $2500 or more on your first order and we’ll give you excellent discounts. The larger your first order is, the more you earn!

Email us to for our Start-Up Lab program and we’ll contact you to discuss your needs and provide competitive pricing for consumables, equipment, storage, personal protection, and more. We are also your source for Eppendorf, AirClean Systems, and Scientific Industries equipment.

Total First Order
$2500 get a discount in your first order

$2500 – $7499.99  -> you get 5% discount
$7500 – $19999.99 -> you get 7% discount
$20000 + -> you get 10% discount

*Bonus percent is determined by the total value of products on one order, excluding tax, fees, and shipping.
**Refunds for returned merchandise may be subject to adjustments. Start-Up Lab program available in the US only; valid through December 31, 2021.

Start-Up Lab Registration Form

To register for our Start-Up Lab program, simply Email Us to with the subject “Startup Lab program” to qualify for these excellent discounts, you must be building a new lab, starting a new lab, or moving to a new location. First-order must be placed within 90 days of move-in. For more information, please contact your EAD Scientific sales representative, email us, or call (786) 227 6995.