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Binocular microscope suitable for teaching at undergraduate and graduate level and research, clinical and histological diagnosis.

Eyepiece WF 10X-20 mm with protective rubber bands and diopter adjustments on one of the eyepieces.
Head Siedentopf type binocular inclined 45º and rotatable 360º, with interpupillary distance adjustment of 48 – 75 mm.
Revolver Quadruple with anti-slip ring and stop.
Objectives 4X, 10X, 40X (retractable), 100X Immersion (retractable) with semi-plan achromatic optics, metallic finish and color ring for easy identification.
Body Stable, robust, reinforced and finished in epoxy paint.
Stage Double plate with coaxial X-Y movements, 140 X 132 mm with vernier, millimeter scale, caliper and stop with height adjustment.
Capacitor Abbe, A. N. 1.25 with adjusting ring and lifting screw. Equipped with adapter bracket for phase contrast kit or polarization set (not included).
Diaphragm Iris with filter holder.
Approach Macrometric and micrometric non-slip coaxial with tension adjustment.
Lighting Kohler LED with variable intensity control and field diaphragm in the lamp.
Power 3 rechargeable 1.2V AA batteries (included) for 4 hours of continuous operation. AC120V, 50 / 60Hz

DH.WIS05210 (Incubator Shaking, Top Door, 10~60℃, w/Illuminator ThermoStable IS-10RL, 230V(60Hz)), DH.WIS05110 (Incubator Shaking, Top Door, 10~60℃, w/Illuminator ThermoStable IS-10RL, 120V(60Hz))