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Siedentopf type binocular head microscope that improves ergonomics and reduces operator fatigue. For all kinds of routine techniques in clinical laboratories and higher secondary education.

Eyepiece WF 10X / 20mm with diopter adjustment on one of the eyepieces.
Head Siedentopf type binocular 30 ° inclined and 360 ° rotatable with interpupillary distance adjustment of 48-75 mm.
Revolver Quadruple with anti-slip ring and stop.
Objectives 4X, 10X, 40X (retractable) and 100X immersion (retractable) with achromatic optics, anti-slip ring and color ring for easy identification
Body Stable, robust and reinforced with epoxy paint finish.
Stage Double plate with X-Y coaxial movements, 160 x 140 mm, vernier, millimeter scale, caliper and stop with height adjustment.
Capacitor Abbe, A.N. 1.25 with lifting screw.
Diaphragm Iris with filter holder.
Focus Coaxial non-slip macrometric and micrometric with tension adjustment.
Lighting LED with variable intensity control.
Power AC120V, 50/60 Hz.

DH.WIS05210 (Incubator Shaking, Top Door, 10~60℃, w/Illuminator ThermoStable IS-10RL, 230V(60Hz)), DH.WIS05110 (Incubator Shaking, Top Door, 10~60℃, w/Illuminator ThermoStable IS-10RL, 120V(60Hz))