RE-202-A/RE-212-A/RE202-AWA/RE202-BWA – RE Series Standard Rotary Evaporator with Slide Jack Mechanism- Yamato




The Yamato RE202-A/RE212-A series is all about space and power. If you want a compact machine with incredible functionality, then this series is for you. These rotavaps are particularly engineered for a small but growing lab or research facility.

This unit is a market leader in rotation speed range at 5~315 rpm, which allows you more room to determine optimal evaporation performance. With its set inversion function, where glassware and bath can be set on either side, left or right, you won’t have to spend your time worrying about space. The units also have servo type motors, which maintain stability even in large capacity flasks. With these standard rotary evaporators in your lab, you will achieve consistent productivity—without sacrificing space and sample integrity.


  • Comes with a speed range at 5~315 rpm.
  • Has a slide jack mechanism for convenient height adjustment.
  • Standard rotary evaporator, available in a water bath and an oil bath.
  • Cables stored neatly inside the AC adapter holder at the back of the main unit.
  • Flexible glassware and bath position. You can put them on the left or ride side, depending on your dominant hand and the unit’s location.
  • Equipped with a condenser insulation kit, which prevents condensation on the condenser’s surface.
  • Anti-liquid stagnation glass condenser design, which improves durability of the vacuum seal.
  • Has a servo-type motor with strong high torque, which sustains a stable rotation in large capacity flasks.
Models RE-202-A
Performance*¹ Operating ambient temp. range 5~35°C
Speed range 5~315 rpm*³
Evaporation capacity Up to 23 ml/min
Functions RPM display Digital display / Encoder dial setting
Rotation mode Forward/Reverse/Auto reverse
Spring-loaded jack Manual balance (Max. height 200 mm, stepless regulation, one-touch lock)
Configuration Rotary motor DC brushless (simple servo)
Condenser retention Retaining bracket for vertical condenser (condenser type B)
Safety Functions DC motor: Motor overload protection, overvoltage, low voltage, rotation speed sensor error
AC adapter: Short circuit in internal circuit, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection
Standard Cooling condenser Double corrugated tube(cooling surface: 0.143 m²) Double corrugated tube (cooling surface: 0.143 m²)
Suction port: GL-14 (lower), Φ10 nozzle Suction Port: GL-14 (upper), Φ10 nozzle
Cooling port: GL14 (two places in lower part), two φ10 nozzles
Compatible evaporation flask 0-2000ml for TS24. Use optional reducer to attach small flasks.
Compatible receiving flask 100-2000 ml
External dimensions*² (W x D x H) 375 × 324 × 445 719 × 324 × 534 529 × 324 × 745
Overall dimensions*² (W x D x H) 744 × 365 × 534 554 × 365 × 745
Power rating RE202: 100-115 VAC single phase 1A
RE212: 200-230 VAC single phase 1A
Power cable ~2.0 m with inlet plug
Weight ~7.0 kg ~9.0 kg (including RE unit) ~9.0 kg (including RE unit)
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RE-202-A (Rotary Evaporator (Main Unit) Digital 115V), RE-212-A (Rotary Evaporator (Main Unit) Digital 220V), RE202-AWA (RE-202-A Rotary Evaporator, BM-302-A Water Bath (5L), Glassware A, 115V), RE202-BWA (RE-202-A Rotary Evaporator, BM-302-B Water Bath (5L), Glassware A, 115V)