RC 900 – Rotary Evaporator- Logos BioSystem

No more waiting days to count CFUs. In less than 30 seconds, the QUANTOM Tx™ scans up to 10 fields of view to produce accurate single bacterial cell counts. The advanced software can account for the varying shapes, sizes, and arrangements of different bacteria.


  • Sleek design, small footprint
  • Silent for a pleasant working environment
  • Versatile use, simple operation


  • Chilled condenser is easy to detach by turning the tension nut. The chilled condenser is also extremely easy to clean.
  • Relevant parameters for distillation and for the heating bath are easily set by touching and turning.
  • Cordless heating bath with drain for safe bleeding and emptying without spillages.
  • Hose guide inside the tower – tidy and safe, hoses are no longer an obstruction.
  • Easy flask exchange – glass flask simply locks into place – and can be done with one hand.
  • Convenient, fully adjustable flask angle set via a control knob.
Heating bath temperature 20 – 180°C
Coolant supply (chilled condenser)
Permissible pressure 3bar
Permissible temperature 15°C bis +20°C
Cooled surface area 1230cm²
Parameters of evaporation flask
Size of evaporation flask 50 – 3000ml
Rotational speed 25 – 250 rpm
Length of stroke 150mm
Lifting speed approx 38mm/s
Dimensions (L x H x W)
Without glassware 447 x 464 x 431mm
With glassware 447 x 823 x 487mm
Weight 9.1kg
Weight 20.1 lbs
Dimensions 17.6 × 19.17 × 32.4 in
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