A-104406 Complete Disarticulated Human Skeleton Axis Scientific



Axis Scientific presents this disarticulated version of our feature-rich anatomical skeleton. Disarticulated skeletons are ideal for study of individual bones, as well as identification practice for students. After all, identifying a femur in the context of a full skeleton is much simpler than on its own! This skeleton is complete, including a left hand which is articulated while the right hand is disarticulated, a right foot is disarticulated and the left foot is articulated, as well as the intervertebral discs, hyoid bone, coccyx, and more. The bones are bagged for convenient organization and storage, and the skull is shipped securely wrapped. Students and educators will love the combination of detail and cost offered with this exceptional disarticulated skeleton.

Axis Scientific offers a full range of budget friendly, detailed anatomical models, great for medical students and professionals. Contact our expert support team for advice on this and our other Axis products.

Made by Axis Scientific and backed by a 3 year warranty. Weighs approximately 17 lbs.

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Weight 25.5 lbs
Dimensions 66 in
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