450002 ECM 830 Series Electroporator System BTX


Make the chore of introducing nucleic acids into cells easier.



Make the chore of introducing nucleic acids into cells easier. BTX Harvard ECM 830 Series Electroporator System can be used in applications covering embryo manipulation techniques, in-vivo gene therapy electroporation, in vitro embryo gene delivery, plant protoplast transformation, in-ovo gene delivery, siRNA transfections, and zebrafish electroporation.

  • ECM 830 Square Wave Pulse generator designed for in vitro and in vivo applications including gene, drug and protein delivery include; mammalian cells, in vivo, ex vivo tissue, zebra fish tissue and embryos, nuclear transfer, embryo manipulation, plant protoplast and basic bacteria and yeast transformations
  • ECM 830 can be used in combination with a wide array of BTX specialty electrodes and accessories to enhance molecular and drug delivery experiments
  • System components include: ECM 830 Generator, 630B Safety Stand, Cuvettes 1 mm, 2 mm, 4 mm pkg. of 30 (10 each) and Cuvette Rack 660
Certifications CE Mark
Pulse Waveform Square Wave
DC Voltage Range LV Mode 5 to 500 V / 1 V resolution
DC Voltage Range HV Mode 505 to 3000 V / 5 V resolution
DC Pulse Length Range LV Mode 1 10 µsec to 999 µsec / 1 µsec resolution
DC Pulse Length Range LV Mode 2 1 msec to 999msec / 1 msec resolution
DC Pulse Length Range LV Mode 3 1 sec to 10 sec / 0.1 sec resolution
DC Pulse Length Range HV Mode 10 to 600 µsec / 1 µsec resolution
Multi-Pulsing 1 to 99
Pulse Interval 100 msec to 10 sec
Programmability Storage for 2 parameters (V, t, n, interval)
Arc Control Arc Quenching™
Safety Generator is short circuit proof
Capacitance LV Mode 4000 µF
Capacitance HV Mode 111 µF
Internal Resistance LV Mode 56 ?
Internal Resistance HV Mode 56 ?
Opererational Status Internal self test upon start-up
Interface Digital User Interface
Power 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Charge Time 5 sec maximum (without delay)
Display 4 line x 20 character LCD
Controls Single rotary knob with push button toggle to set parameters. On/Off Power and Start switches
Electroporation Chamber Safety Stand or Plate Handler
Monitoring Monitoring and display of V, t, n, interval
MOS Multi-Well Compatible Yes
Remote Operation Foot Switch Available
Height Metric 14 cm
Height English 5.5 in
Width Metric 31.8 cm
Width English 12.5 in
Depth Metric 31.1 cm
Depth English 12.25 in
Weight Metric 6.8 kg
Weight English 15 lbs
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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 12.25 × 12.5 × 5.5 in

450002(ECM 830 Series Electroporator System)