45-0751 Microject 1000A Microinjection System BTX


Alternative method to deliver genes, proteins, macromolecules and micro-beads in direct injection into cells, tissues and oocytes simply and efficiently.



The MicroJect 1000A offers an alternative method to deliver genes, proteins, macromolecules and micro-beads by direct injection into cells, tissues and oocytes simply and efficiently. This microinjection system provides  consistent and precise delivery of volumes through digitally-controlled, stable pressure regulation maintained for a set duration of time. The compressed gas, internally-controlled pressure system also allows the precise delivery of desired volumes ranging from femtoliters to microliter volumes.

The MicroJect 1000A can hold a cell, oocyte or early stage embryo stationary while simultaneously using a separate pressure channel for injections. The system is versatile enough to provide the same consistent performance needed to inject large volumes into tissue such as capillaries, or pico volumes, for nuclear injections. It is also ideal for the gentle transfer of delicate fetal or stem cells into oocytes.


  • Key pressure features maximize injection potential with two negative and three positive pneumatic capabilities
    • Negative pressure feature allows you to fill micropipettes from their tips
    • “Fill” feature reduces waste.
    • “Hold” feature lets you immobilize and manipulate a cell or oocyte using a micropipette.
    • Positive pressure feature precisely discharges fluid by using the system’s “Clear” function
  • Unique “Balance” feature provides a secondary balance pressure to maintain positive pressure on the injection pipette, avoiding the chance of diluting sample due to capillary action.
  • Two footswitches included for easy operation of the Clear/Fill features.

Microject 1000a Microinjection System

Input Gas Pressure 70 to 105 psi (480 to 720 kPa)
Injection Pressure 0.2 to 60 psi (413 kPa), regulated, multi-turn control
Balance Pressure 0.1 to 3.5 psi (68.9 kPa), regulated, multi-turn control, other ranges available upon request
Fill Vacuum Internally produced, -12.0 psi (-82 kPa), unregulated
Holding Vacuum Internally produced, 0 to 3 in H2O (0 to 0.75 kPa or 0 to 0.1 p.s.i.), regulated
Clearing Pressure Input gas pressure, unregulated
Injection Timer 0.01 to 0.99 s in 10 ms steps; 1 to 99 s in Pulse Width 1 s steps
Injection Count Display Digital, 0 through 9999
Duration Mode Internally timed or externally gated
Time Trigger Front panel, foot switch, or external TTL pulse (BNC)
Pressure Units psi/kPa; switch selectable
Pressure Monitor BNC connector, 10 mV/psi
Pressure Readout Inject, balance, clear, output port
Line Voltage 100/110/220/240 VAC
Power Usage 220 W
Meter Accuracy 0.1% full scale
Foot Switches Inject, fill, hold, and gated; provided in Plus and Deluxe packages
Weight 6.8 kg (15 lb)
Dimensions H x W x D 11 x 38 x 25.5 cm (5 x 15 x 10 in)
Accessories Supplied Input, output and holding hoses
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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 15 × 5 in

45-0751(MicroJect 1000A Plus System)