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DAIHAN-brand� UV Transilluminators, “WUV”, Standard- & Compact Case-type, 48W/90W with Hinged UV-Blocking Safety Cover, Economical, Robust, Versatile, 312-/365-/312+365-nm, with Certi. & Traceability

  • with Certificate & Traceability :
    Controlled by Serial Number, Certificate, Delivery-information, and Traceable Data Base System
  • Low Cost, Robust, Versatile, Affordable & Gentle Excitation
  • Hinged UV-Blocking Safety Cover Protects User from UV Radiation
  • Stainless-steel Frame and Robust Steel Housing
  • Increased UV Intensity and Homogeneity
  • CE Certified
  • PL(Product Liability) Insurance

✽ Ideal for Standard Gel Documentation and Preparative Work, especially for Detection of very
small amount of DNA & RNA Stained by EtBr
✽ Long-Life Electronic (Low Heat, no Flickering)
✽ High (100%) / Low (75%) Intensity Switch

Wave Length &
Single 312 nm “WUV-L20” Dual 365+312 nm “WUV-L50” Single 312 nm “WUV-M20”
Features Standard Case-type Standard Case-type Compact Case-type
UV Lamps 15W×6ea (90W) 15W×6ea (90W) 8W×6ea (48W)
Power Consumption 95 W 95 W 52 W
Filter Size (mm) 200×200 mm 200×200 mm 200×200 mm
Dimension 495×330×h95 mm 495×330×h95 mm 350×275×h95 mm
Weight 10 kg 10 kg 8 kg
Packing Size (mm) & Gross Weight (kg) 520×380×h220 mm, 12 kg 520×380×h220 mm, 12 kg 380×320×h220 mm, 10 kg
Power Supply� 1 Phase, AC 120V, 60Hz or AC 230V, 50/60Hz
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DH.WUV00020 (Transilluminator UV, Standard, 312nm WUV-L20, 230V), DH.WUV00050 (Transilluminator UV, Standard, 365+312nm WUV-L50, 230V), DH.WUV00120 (Transilluminator UV, Compact, 312nm WUV-M20, 230V)