WAC-47/WAC-60/WAC-80- Autoclaves, Digital Fuzzy Controlled Standard-type – Daihan




witeg® Steam Sterilizers, Digital Fuzzy-controlled Autoclaves, “WAC”, 47-/60-/80-Lit., up to 132°C, Max.2 kgf/cm2
Electronic Door Lock, Steam Condensing Mechanism, Lever-type Sliding Door, Solid-/Liquid-Modes, CE-MDD Certified

  • with Certificate & Traceability :
    Controlled by Serial Number, Certificate, Delivery-information, and Traceable Data Base System
  • Patented Special Steam Condensing Mechanism
  • Electronic Door Lock Sensing System for User Safety.
  • Safety and Easy to Use Lever-type Sliding Door
  • Patented Jog-Dial Control System
  • Water Low Level Detection for Safe Operation of the Heaters
  • Built-in Recorder model (only WAC-R models):
    Print Sterilization Cycle Data for Validation and Analyze Sterilization
    (Temperature, Pressure, Time, Error Status, etc.
  • “CE-MDD (CE 0470-Medical Device Directive) Certified”
  • PL(Product Liability) Insurance

✽ Ideal for Biotechnology, Clinical, Environmental, Medical and Food Industry.
✽ Innovative Easy-to-Use Digital Fuzzy Controller.
✽ Top-loading type Sterilizer for Easy Loading of Large Working Volume.
✽ Casters equipped for Excellent Mobility.
✽ Digital LCD with Back-Light Function.
✽ Digital Timer Function – ‘Delay Time’and ‘Operation Time’can be Controlled.
✽ Solid / Liquid Mode can be chosen by a customer considering a Sample Phase.
✽ Safety and Easy to Use Lever-type Sliding Door.
✽ Complete Safety Pressure Mechanism.
✽ Automatic Over Pressure Release Valve ensure User Safety.
✽ Electronic Door Lock Sensing System for User Safety.
✽ Heat-Protective Lid Cover for User Safety.
✽ Included 2x Wire Basket

(1) Standard-model WAC-47 WAC-60 WAC-80
(2) Recorder-model WAC-R47 WAC-R60 WAC-R80
Recorder-type: Built-in Recording Printer, Sterilization Cycle Data
(Date, Temperature, Pressure, Time, Error Status, etc.)
Capacity 47 Lit 60 Lit 80 Lit
Temp. Range & Accuracy Ambient 5°C to 132°C, ±0.5°C at 121°C
Pressure & Gauge 1.2 kgf/cm2 at 121°C/2.0 kgf/cm2 at 132°C, 0 ~ 3 kgf/cm2
Sterilization mode Solid- or Liquid-mode
Heating Power / Consumption 2 kW 3 kW 2 kW x 3
Timer & Alarm 99 hr 59 min 59 sec, Error status & Timer-end
Display Digital LCD with Back-Light Function
Controller Digital Fuzzy-Control System (Fully Automatic)
Door & Closing System Lever-type Sliding Door / Safety Electronic Door Closing System
Safety Circuit Over-Temp./-Pressure/-Current protection, Sensor Error Detection
Printer Thermal type printer, Record Paper Roll: w58 x Ø40mm
Material Stainless Steel (#304)-Pressure Vessel, Powder Coated Steel-External
Basket 2ea of Stainless Steel Wire Baskets are Included
Basket Dimension (mm) Ø270 x h240 Ø320 x h240 Ø370 x h240
(w x d x h)
Inner (mm) Ø300 x h670 Ø350 x h650 Ø400 x h650
Outer (mm) 680 x 470 x 880 680 x 470 x 900 780 x 580 x 900
Packing Size (mm) 800 x 700 x h1,280 mm 940 x 800 x h1,350 mm
Gross weight (kg) 116 kg 120 kg 173 kg
Power Supply AC 230V, 1N~, 50/60Hz AC 400V, 3N~, 50/60Hz
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DH.WAC05047 (Autoclave Standard, 230V, 47 Lit., “WAC-47”), DH.WAC05060 (Autoclave Standard, 230V, 60 Lit., “WAC-60”), DH.WAC05080 (Autoclave Standard, 230V, 80 Lit., “WAC-80”)