EM-1624, Evatros mini Evaporator, Goojung


Evatros mini is a benchtop sized evaporator and it can used in a fume hood.


Evatros mini is a benchtop sized evaporator and it can used in a fume hood. And it’s a gas spraying evaporator that concentrates up to 24 samples at the same time. Each nozzle can independently be utilized and constantly supply gas without variation of flow and pressure regardless of the number of nozzles used.

The terraced structure and slit of the aluminum test tube block is an unique design of Evatros that enables users to monitor the progress of sample preparation.

Evatros mini, Evaporator

  • Compact design that can be put in a fume hood
  • Up to 24 sample concentration
  • 5-way gas blowing nozzle system
  • Adjustable nozzle height with Up/Down button
  • Terraced structure of aluminum test tube block (Temperature range: ambient to 80℃)
  • Easy sample monitor through the slit of the heating block.
  • Pull & push shelf enabling a user to arrange test tubes in the heating block conveniently
  • Timer: automatic gas shut-off with going off alarm when timer setting time is finished
  • External gas supplier is required.(Compatible with Evatros G)


  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Forensic science
  • Medical Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Agriculture and Fishery products
  • Livestock Environment
  • Cosmetic Industry
Evatros mini
Part number EM-1624
No. of samples 24
Diameter of test tube(mm) 16
No. of nozzles 24
Heating method Aluminum test tube block (No need to use water)
Temperature range Ambient ~ 80
Electrical requirements 220[V], 50/60[Hz], 2.5[A]
Dimensions(CM) 69(H) x 47(W) x 27.5(D)
Weight(KG) 27.4
Inlet gas requirement(N2) 60L/min @ 30psi
Inlet gas requirement(Dry Air) 120L/min @ 30 psi
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Weight 60.41 lbs
Dimensions 10.83 × 18.51 × 27.17 in